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  FREE Session 1: Introduction; Words and DIstractions in Prayer; Letters 1-3

Welcome to C. S. Lewis on Prayer! In this first session, I introduce you to the book, Letters to Malcolm, and then proceed to discuss the main ideas in the first few letters. I recorded this in Lewis' study, where he wrote the book. The session is about 23 minutes long.

If you wish a FREE DOWNLOADABLE GUIDE to this session, then go to this google link. You can download it in various formats and print it out. Let me know what you think about it in the comments; I'm ready to make improvements to it.

Thomas Boulden
Well, wasn't that refreshing. Letters to Malcolm has been one of Lewis' works that I have managed to steer away from, and if we have covered it in our Memphis C.S, Lewis Society Meetings, I either have missed it, or forgotten it. I'm ready to dive into it now. Thanks. Now, "Further up and further in!"
Paul Beckmann
Deep and meaningful insights into prayer. Well executed primer for the course. Enhancement of the book to anyone in study. Very helpful expansion on subjects of ritual in prayer and the traps of “sameness” in worship; a poignant unpacking of what leads to cold religiosity in worship. Pithy expansion on subject of liturgical prayers, written prayers and the Our Father. Intrigued and looking forward to the next session.
Tom Waddell
I found this introductory session very insightful in introducing the book as well as Lewis' thinking and understanding regarding prayer and the believer. Rev Beckmann contextualizes well the book's thematic issues, nurturing one's desire to learn more about Malcolm and prayer. I look forward to engaging the other sessions.
David Beckmann
Glad you liked it, Tom! Do pray for me while I get this school going - still learning the ropes of "teachable." :-)